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New Fashion Streetwear Brand Launches – “Distorted People”


Jun 3, 2022

A line Designed To Evoke Edge and Promote Individuality, Kicking Off With A Celebration at Ganga Tattoo

Distorted People launches officially with its Spring 2022 collection of Urban Street Fashion menswear. A three part collection makes up their launch collection, inclusive of College-Inspired styles, Athletic-Inspired styles and Vintage-Inspired styles, unisex in fit and designed with an edgy aesthetic in mind to push the lines of fashion and provoke “distorted thinking,” reflective of individuality and non-conformity. While the debut collection is officially categorized as men’s, it is also showcased on women throughout their debut ad campaign, instagram and digital lookbook, tying back to their nonconformist attitude and right on trend with today’s streetwear culture. 

(We are secretly obsessed with the sherbert sweat separates).

Streetwear is currently leading the trends with everyday retail fashion, and continues to disrupt all areas of fashion. With this, Distorted People’s concept and creative vision is right on the mark. We certainly view them as a strong category entrant no doubt destined to become a popular name in this space, especially in Los Angeles.

They will be celebrating their debut with a launch event this Saturday at Ganga Tattoo, essentially the hottest street tattoo artist studio in Los Angeles, founded by artist Joaquin Ganga, and perhaps one of the most known in the world, with clients inclusive off top music artists, actors and sports figures like Post Malone, Drake, Lebron James, Odell Beckham Jr, Gunna and more. Distorted People and Ganga collaborating on their launch is a perfect pairing, matching synergistically to perfection with the brand aesthetic.

Distorted People’s ready-to-wear streetwear style basics are set to include jackets – bombers, parkas, coats, windbreakers, padded shirt jackets, hoodies, button down shirts, pants, tees – long sleeved and short sleeved, caps, sweatshirts, and socks, among other accessories. The line is made from an extremely high quality of cotton via their design team in Europe, combined with a specialty graphic design team in Germany. “Founders Wehbe and Gerecht work closely with this team, to contribute input and vision for silhouettes, design aesthetic, thematic and special elements.”   

“Originally born in the heart of Munich, the creative international collective around Distorted People has been designing urban lifestyle fashion for more than ten years now and managed to establish its name in the streetwear scene. This is mainly due to the brand’s catchy logo: razor blade and butcher’s hatchet as crossed blades, which was so intricately designed to give off a visually cool and desirable image for consumers to want to rock, that it could easily double as a tattoo on one’s body.”

Distorted People officially makes its U.S. debut helmed by partners, co-founders, creators and designing consultants Eli Wehbe and Sascha Gerecht. Wehbe and Gerecht are excited to build a cult-like brand following, dubbing their fans and shoppers their “Crew.” Upon first discovery of the original brand in Germany, they obtained the trademark to launch it officially in the U.S. as their own, and with new life, as a new brand launch, with new designs and silhouettes.

Based on the collections now live at we definitely are on board with their vision and see a huge future for this brand.

“Our goal is for Distorted People to become an everyday lifestyle brand for consumers, a brand they feel is theirs, that they belong to, the way Sascha and I connect to it. For the consumer to understand how amazing the quality, cuts and designs are, and for everyone who buys the line to feel they are a “member of our crew!Eli Wehbe and Sascha Gerecht