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NYFW Pop Quiz with Sami Miró


Sep 17, 2015

Meet Sami Miró, the girl of many talents including vintage curator, model, and future lifestyle blogger. We met up with our friend Sami Miró during NYFW and played a little game of 10 Questions /10 seconds.

1. Four words to describe your first NYFW? Energetic. Creative. Slammed. Artistic.

2. Most memorable show you attended? Givenchy, Lacoste, Diesel Black Gold

3. Least expecting thing about NYFW? The amount of lap dogs that attend shows!

4. Who is your favorite designer? Why? It’s ever changing. There are household staples like Chanel, YSL, Public School, but so many impressive new designers out there too I like to support like Baja East.

5. Favorite outfit you wore? (pictured)? Dress: Asilio by Cynthia Farchione, Boots by Aska Collection, Bag by Chanel

6. Best location/destination you attended for NYFW? Well the Givenchy location was the most extravagant – it was on the Hudson during sundown with a derelict vibe and an incredible live opera performer. The Milk Studios location on 50 Varick was groovy because it’s such a classic staple and the rawness of the 23 Wall Street location was raw. Pretty sure that was the building Batman drove out of on the motorcycle.

7. Favorite item in a gift bag you received? From what show? Diesel Black Gold leather jacket for sure.

8. What big trend did you notice at NYFW? 70s edge and oversized pant suits (my favorite!)

9. What designer/show did you draw inspiration from? Why? Baja East – I loved the undone hems!

10. What is the most POPULAR thing about NYFW? Individuality and wild self expression!