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#ONWEDNESDAY WEWEARPINK: 5 Times Zendaya Wore Pink Perfectly – In Images


Apr 1, 2020

Everybody knows that Zendaya is our fashion icon, right?! She is always showing up to events with the best outfit ever, making us feel that she finally outdid herself… But then does that again!

In honor of our favorite day of the week and to Regina George – If you don’t remember, she imposed that Wednesday is the day to wear pink -, we separated 5 times Zendaya wore pink perfectly.
Well, she is always perfect, but when she is wearing pink she is more perfect than ever!

Outfit 1: Tailored Satin Suit Set from Zendaya Collection for Boohoo

Outfit 2: Pink Flowered Dress with Giant Fluffy Sleeves for Elle Magazine

Outfit 3: A Strapless Jumpsuit for a CondéNast event 
The special peak is for her hair that matches the outfit!

Outfit 4: All-pink Suit Set for The Humane Society of US event

Outfit 5: The Iconic Top Crop & Skirt set for Critical Choice Awards