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#OnWednesday WeWearPink: 7 Times Celebrities Wore Pink and Killed It – And Why You Should Do It NOW!


Mar 11, 2020

As Regina George always said, “On Wednesday we wear pink!”. Well, if the queen says so, we have to obey!

A lot of people are afraid of colors when the subject is fashion.
Why? Two reasons!
First one: It is so much easier to just go for basic colors because they are easy to combine and do not stand out on the outfit.
Second one: Pink is a kind of color that, for being warm and strong, gets too much attention. And many people do not like to have attention for not feeling confident of for just being… discreet.

We get it! 

But, honestly, girl, you have to believe in yourself!

So… for being pink & fashion lovers, we from PopularTV decided to choose 7 celebrities that wore all pink outfits perfectly and help you to break this taboo forever.
100% sure that, after that, you will never stop to use pink!