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Special Tricks To Make You Feel better On Your “Quarantine Uniform”.


Jul 9, 2020

With the quarantine taking place for almost five months, we went through several different actions: adaptation, acceptance, boredom, daily eating… In other words, several moments that made us get to know ourselves internally and give value to the little things in life.

An interesting thing to analyze is how people are dealing with the fashion world during this pandemic. Some came to see fashion as something superficial. Others have given even more value. The fact is that fashion can be used as an escape from the current reality and as a way of staying healthy and willing to live.


There are days when you wake up well and super excited. Others are unwilling to get out of bed. However, when you wake up, take a shower, and put on a different outfit other than pajamas, you give an up in the mood and a reinvigorated body and soul.

With that in mind, we thought of bringing some special tricks to give a stylish look to your quarantine “uniform” (In other words, extremely comfortable pajamas and clothes).

1. Change your pajama frequently!

YES! No spending the whole week in the same pajamas. Our clothes absorb our energies, so if we spend many days wearing the same clothes, we may not feel so willing and often a little sad.
In addition to it, clean and fragrant clothes are good for our self-esteem, right ?!

2. Comfortable clothes don’t necessarily have to be “basic”.

My favorite trick ever! You can choose some leggings and oversized tees as your official quarantine uniform, but you can give a special touch to it.
The first thing you could do is start playing with your accessories. Adding a colored necklace to your plain white shirt is an easy and super cool trick that could elevate your outfit from zero to 100! Beads are extremely trending right now and match perfectly with almost everything.

Another interesting option is to get to know your garment and when I say “get to know”, it means to understand that a shirt is not just a simple shirt.
Imagine your tee as a while and plain canvas in which you can create anything you want! You can tie a knot, fold up the sleeves, create prints with markers, or even tie a scarf around your neck. Everything is possible!

3. Get out of your comfort zone! Try to create a new combination of garments that you always wanted and never had the courage for it. 

As we said before, quarantine is being an excellent time to get to know our personality better. And that includes breaking free from old habits and fears. Everyone has something specific that always wanted to wear but was fearing to be judged by someone.
Well, guess what? People will always judge and it is up to you to absorb or ignore the criticisms.

People critics because it’s easier to be part of the mass than the unusual. Everything different catches attention, and that is the biggest reason why people don’t use colors, mix prints, or use a different accessory.
Well, there is no better time to be yourself than NOW. Go forward, girl! Try something unique, something that represented you and what you like.
Fashion is an expression, is behaviors and it’s the reflection of your personality.

 4. Use colors!

People are afraid to wear colors and always opt for clothes with a lighter color palette that does not attract as much attention. Or the famous black. Be aware that colors not only bring life, but also absorb our energy, so opt for life, good vibes, and for colors that enhance our well-being!


There are several analyzes about the future of the fashion world since the quarantine started, and all of them present a new consumer behavior: Now people are looking for clothes that brings us closer to reality and for what we are. It’s gone the time when fashion was about being (or trying to be) something we are not! We reborn and along with us, our behavior and desires.

The fashion industry has undergone a lot of change, so this is the time to reinvent ourselves and for us to reinvent ourselves as well.

Remember that style and comfort do go the same way, and if you acquire some of these tricks above, you will not only feel happier and more willing, but you will also be contributing to this new era of the fashion industry: The era of comfort, customization, and reuse.