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Jul 13, 2016

The unstoppable “athleisure” trend has made summer dressing as flexible as possible, with the fusion of style and comfort. Mixing up your style by wearing certain pieces that were once thought as strictly intimates into street style and/or evening looks is one of the strongest trends of the season.

That’s why were are loving Aerie for their amazing range of bras, undies, swim and more for every girl. Aerie has always been our go-to-destination to stock up on all things of form, function, and perfect fit. With sporty silhouettes and the innerwear-as-outerwear trend only growing in popularity, Aerie has everything a girl could want to just be “real”.

This year, Aerie celebrates their 10th anniversary of proving that it’s not about flaws or curves but it’s all about the beauty underneath it all. What started as a spark 10 years ago has grown into an inspiring movement of empowerment and individuality.

Join the #AerieReal movement and check out our favorite looks in the photo gallery. Bonus: if you click the little “i” button at the bottom of each photo, you can shop items in the story.


  • Images courtesy of Aerie