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Style: Sneaker Trend 2020


Feb 21, 2020

Spring is here which means it’s time to bring back those coveted sneakers. In our last post we discussed ten spring trends and number 5 happened to be sneakers, but now we’re expanding into the amazing world of sneakers everywhere! Check out this list for 8 sneaker trends and we’ll be emulating this season and the girls we love wearing them. Be sure to click the pictures and check out more of the linked styles as well as telling us your hopes for the 2020 Sneaker Trend.

1.Beige Filas

2.Suede Nike’s

3.Selena Gomez x Puma

4.Keke Palmer x Nike

5.Asia Jackson x Coach

6.Floral Vans

7.World Balance PH x Laureen Uy

8.Light Pink Filas