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The Coolest Ways To Wear Kimonos and How The “Third-Piece” Influences Your Outfit


Aug 2, 2020

The fashion world has been undergoing many changes due to the new lifestyle we are having. As we already talked about this here on Popular TV, comfort and style don’t always go together! It turns out that, due to the quarantine, people are increasingly opting for comfortable clothing and soft fabrics, forcing the industry to adapt to this new need and creating stylish but comfy pieces.
And, well, the Kimono is one of those!

Kimonos have always been a trend in the fashion world, but it’s becoming stronger than ever nowadays.
Just as jackets, vests, and cardigans, kimonos are considered “the third-piece” of any look – Before you ask what is a “third-piece”, it is a garment used to bring movement, layers, and special touch to an outfit.

The kimonos have the power to raise to the maximum glam level any outfit and can completely change the vibe of any look!
With that in mind, we decided to create cool ways to wear this piece. We want to inspire you and to show you how much this piece aggregates and brings value to outfits.

Oh, and before we start, here is the link to purchase this kimono. We know you wanted it! The brand is called Saltwater Luxe and besides this must-have kimono, they have many other cool things with a very boohoo vibe.

1. Casual but not that much

In this first look, we do have a very casual outfit. You can wear this to go to the mall, to your friend’s house, to a brunch event and even to have dinner with someone.

What role the kimono is playing in here?

Well, first of all, you can see that the blouse has laces and texture, so it’s not a basic top. The kimono is bringing the fashionable touch, especially because of the unusual color! It’s the glam touch you needed to have a casual look that is not… THAT CASUAL.
The gold accessories help to increase value to the outfit and to bring more texture.

IMG_4716 (1)


2. Ready to party!

If you want to arrive at the party stealing everyone’s looks, this outfit is for you! It’s outrageous, risky and full of personality. First, the animal print satin dress is already very unusual, so if you combine it with textured tights… my dear you are on fire!

What role the kimono is playing in here?

Well, it is bringing the fashionable final touch, the plus you needed in your A. The satin stripes brings an authentic and glamourous mixture of patterns that will only elevate your outfit.



3. Elegant, Fancy, sensual.

There is nothing more elegant nowadays than a very cute satin dress (or slip dress for the fashion lover :P). Now, can you imagine adding a kimono to it?
The fashion touch you needed it!
Obviously that it all depends on the kimono style, but if you have the right one… this is what happens

What role the kimono is playing in here?

It’s bringing movement, color, and elegance. What I love about this outfit is that you can stay at home and enjoy a glass of wine, or you can add some heels and go party! The real definition of versatility.



4. Comfy but still fashionable!

Kimonos are the best option if you want to transform a comfy&basic outfit in something extremely upscale! There is nothing more satisfactory than feeling powerful, beautiful, and swanky at home, especially in quarantine. Adding the kimono to your “quarantine outfit” can be the motivation that was missing in your life and something that will raise your self-esteem!

What role the kimono is playing in here?

More than a fashion touch, the kimono is playing an important role as an emotional motivator. Just try it :)






5. Prints, patterns, and… kimonos

A mixture of prints and patterns has always been a taboo in the fashion industry!  Now, can you imagine adding a third-piece to it? Not everyone feels confident enough about it.
But let me tell you something: After this post, you will never be the same. So please, take a chance girl! Fashion is an art, a form of expression!

What role the kimono is playing in here?

MODERN TOUCH!!!!!!  And obviously a way to show how confident and beautiful you are.




6. Queen of the high-low!

One of the most famous terms in the fashion world is high-low, which is nothing more than a mixture of high fashion and low fashion elements. In the case of this outfit, we have an extremely casual and cool look of denim shorts and an oversized vintage t-shirt.

What role the kimono is playing in here?

High fashion item!!! Thankfully, this kimono has elements that elevate value for itself. The mixture of fabrics, for example, brings flow and style, so add this garment to a casual tee&denim outfit shows modernity and prove that you have an eye for styling.
PS: if you want to take more risks, try to add gold accessories to bring more value to the look!