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The Iconic Woman: Gwen Stefani


May 22, 2015

Welcome to The Iconic Woman—the first in a regular series in which we choose a crazy-cool girl we love and let her gush about her personal style icon—and then give you tips on how to get the look.

To kick it off, we chose our favorite New York manicurist, the babely Holly Falcone (who’s beautified the nails of Rashida Jones, Amanda Seyfried, Lykke Li, Kristen Wiig, Soko, and so many more) to run us through the style evolution of her very own style icon, Gwen Stefani.

We’ll let our girl Holly take it from here…

“To me, style is a visual representation of someone’s personality and it’s strengthened by originality and dedication. When I think of strong style, I think of Gwen Stefani and her ever-changing look, which has been impacting culture’s style (and my own) for decades now (decades!). She’s always completely immersed herself in each transformation—be it Chola Glamour, Harajuku Girl, Rastafarian, or (my personal fave)’40s Movie Star. By combining everything from thrift to couture, she’s paid homage to the cultures, eras, and genres that inspire her and she introduces each new theme with confidence and fearlessness. She’ll go to great lengths to nail each look, down to the tiniest detail, but she still stays true to her laid back California roots.”