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The New Influencer’s


Sep 15, 2015

We all follow fashion’s top influencers. The bloggers, celebrities and street style stars that influence us from season to season help inspire and define our style a little more each time we get dressed. The same inspiration can be said for the amazing staple pieces you build your closet with. One great boot can shape your style for the entire season… Especially if you’ve spent a pretty penny on them! You’ll choose every skirt, dress, and pair of pants around them every time you walk into your closet. That’s why, we’ve officially decided that boots are the new influencer!

These shoes are the toughest and quite arguably, the largest in your closet. They take you through transitional times and are the key factor to sartorial survival in the worst of weather conditions. It’s pretty obvious they are the footwear you spend the most time in, and the most money on. It only feels right to create your look each day starting from the boot up!

With a crisp breeze in the air and new season shopping well underway, we found these killer boots that will have your shoe game influencing everyone else’s style too! Here is 12 pair that will have you nailing your look every time.