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Tie-Dye: The Summer Trend That Will Transform Your Outfit FOREVER!


May 28, 2020

Do you know that quote that says fashion is cyclical? Well, that is true.
Most of the trends we are seeing people wearing nowadays have already been a trend some years ago, which makes us think about the real concept of fashion.
Fashion isn’t about always being on-trend and wears what people are wearing, but it’s about having confidence and be dressed in what makes you feel happy. Oh, and more important: BE YOU!
But why this conversation?
Well, because of the historical trend we are going to talk about today: Tie-dye.
Originally developed by the Japanese in the 6th and 7th. centuries, the technique was known in Japan. as shibori. The English name tie-dye was incorporated into the technique only in the 60s and means “to tie and dye”. The technique was famous for being strongly adopted by the hippie community and represented freedom.
Another something cool about tie-dye is the fact that the print will never be the same! Basically, the designs are produced randomly by dyeing the fabric with parts protected from contact with the paint. In other words: You can tie-dye your clothes. What about adventure yourself into this and customize some pieces of clothes?!






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