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Apr 17, 2020

The actress and influencer Inanna Sarkis, along with her brother Tony Sarkis, launched the new apparel brand VISUS earlier this week.

The brand is LA-based, but due to the COVID-19, the launch is going completely digital online!

VISUS has an extremely cool appeal and aims to highlight who you really are. Taking advantage of some trends that are booming today, the color palette sports lighter tones and is super easy to mix&match with the other pieces in stock – A special peak for the limited-edition crewnecks entitled Capsule. We definitely want all of them!

The brand is genderless and marks down the beginning of a new era in clothing. Adding on to this, to support the world during this tough time, VISUS is donating a percentage of the sales to the International Medical Corps as well as including a cloth mask in the package of all orders.

Lucky for us, we got to (virtually) sit down with Inanna and ask her more about the brand and what’s next as well as check out the brand’s official lookbook!


1. What was the inspiration for this line? (Consciously & Aesthetically)

Me and my brother Tony Sarkis were inspired by the name VISUS which means vision in Latin. It represents a state of mind. Whatever your pursuit in life, it begins with a vision. Starting from the bottom and doing whatever it takes to get to where you want to be. Not conforming and trusting yourself and the vision you have, no matter how hard the road may be. That is the state of mind that the brand represents.

In terms of aesthetics, we value quality and attention to detail very much and is why we chose to manufacture in Los Angeles. We have an amazing factory that has helped guide us through this first release and plans for the future. We also like to play with color in our garments. We like to experiment with different wash and dye techniques. We try to balance the more youthful and experimental colors and washes with more refined, minimalistic branding and graphic applications.

2. I love the idea of genderless streetwear. How did you make that decision for the brand?

We wanted to make pieces that blur the gender rules of fashion. Streetwear is all about having daily functional garments and being comfortable. We cut our patterns and use colors and designs that appeal to all people, regardless of gender.

3. How has LA itself influenced the line?

LA is such a creative melting pot full of people chasing their dreams. It has given us the confidence to experiment and just have fun with what we’re doing. There are so many great streetwear brands that have originated here. One of the first people that actually provided us with some guidance in our journey was our friend Rob from Crooks and Castles. Big shout out to them for helping pave the way!

4. If you could get one person in VISUS who would it be?

Elon Musk. A true visionary.

5. What is next for the line beyond COVID?

Our plan is to consistently grow the brand organically and continue to learn. We would love to start doing collaborations with brands and artists that speak to VISUS.


Check out the brand on Instagram @OurVisus as well as it’s creators Inanna and Tony!


You can also shop the line here!


(Go on… it’s clickable)