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Her: Victoria Ivachoff, Shanghai


Mar 24, 2015


  • Victoria Ivachoff shot by Alex Chow in Shanghai, China

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  1. Hey Anne Marie! I think it’s so cool that you’re already so sfescscuul even though it’s only been a couple months since you started your channel it’s inspiring Just uploaded my first video, and I was wondering if you could come check it out & maybe subscribe? That would make my day! ♥ Thanks

  2. For a second there I thhuogt we owned the same skirt – I have a very similar design in my wardrobe from BCBG. You’re the queen of combining casual and high end to me. Sounds like you have a busy time right now, but I think you have the style sorted for all that you have going on. With those red soles though I feel you are ready for most things…. :-)

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