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Oct 31, 2019


1. Stick to a singular color palette

Pick three or four coordinating colors based on your destination. Headed to an urban jungle? Try a neutral palette (black, white, navy and grey are no-brainers). For a beach escape, mix bright yellow, lime green or tangerine with white, cream or khaki. A singular palette lets you mix and match just about everything in your suitcase, which translates to more outfit ideas and less stress.

2. Accessorize, accessorize

A little bling goes a long way. Costume jewelry (leave the good stuff at home), including cocktail rings and statement necklaces are an easy way to change up your look. Pack a colorful scarf for a pop of color (and a bit of warmth—layer it over a sundress on a cool evening).

3. Bring practical, multitasking bags

No need to pack a purse to match every outfit. Choose a neutral-colored crossbody bag with a removable strap that turns into a chic clutch for evenings (a sleek makeup bag will also do the trick). Your carry-on tote can double as a beach bag.

4. Comfy shoes are key

Tennies, loafers or ballet flats and a pair of flat sandals are all you really need to keep your digits happy. If you want to bring a dressier shoe, a kitten heel or wedge is a good choice (stilettos are not as practical and take up precious packing real estate).

5. Pack at least one pair of jeans

Jeans are a travel must (especially if temperatures tend to dip in the evening). They can be dressed up or down, go with just about anything and don’t require frequent washing. Bring your most versatile, most beloved pair. Denim in any color, ankle booties or schooties and a cute cardie hit that fashionable/functional sweet spot.

6. Check the weather beforehand

Hopefully the only umbrella you’ll need to take out is the one in your fancy cocktail; however, it’s always smart to pack a small travel umbrella just in case the sky decides to cry.

7. Roll with it

Roll your clothes to make the most of limited space. Not only will you be able to fit more into your suitcase, but rolling helps keep your clothes wrinkle free, and you’ll be able to see what you have without unpacking—and repacking—your suitcase.

8. Downsize your toiletries

Pack travel-size versions of your favorite beauty products, or buy small plastic bottles and fill ‘em up. Full size versions add weight and take up valuable space.

9. Spill-proof your suitcase

Put your lotions and potions in a ziplock bag and then put them in your cosmetics case for instant protection from spills.

10. If you’re headed to the beach…

Don’t forget baby powder (yes, baby powder! It works wonders for removing sand from your skin).