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Why St. John & Turks and Caicos Should be Your Next Vacation


May 26, 2022

Popular TV had the honor to chat with RED Hospitality and Leisure about the gorgeous islands in USVI and Turks and Caicos, where we gathered all the cool details from their crew and locals for the best insights. Many say the island of St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is often referred to as a “Jewel of the Caribbean” and we couldn’t agree more! Alongside the crystal waters of Turks and Caicos, these two island hotspots have become a must for those looking to explore the Caribbean. It is nearly impossible to choose just one experience as the best between both, so Popular TV has narrowed down a few experiences both locals and island guests agree are the top choices for fun and culture-driven adventures in St. John, USVI, and Turks and Caicos.

First up are the magical turquoise waters of Turks and Caicos that are simply irresistible especially when floating tiki bars like Captain Oak’s exists, were sipping on local beers while listening to lively native music will really have travelers feeling they are on “island time”. The RED crew tells us the La Famille Express Shipwreck is also known as a must-see sight when visiting Turks and Caicos. Back in 2004, Hurricane Frances beached the Russian cargo ship along the coast and since then the ship has become a great sight. Some adventure goers have even been seen using the ship as a platform to dive from! 

One of the best parts about Turks and Caicos is its proximity to its sister islands, North and Middle Caicos, which are just a ferry ride away for those looking to explore the Caribbean even further. On these islands are the infamous Conch Bar caves, which are the largest in the Bahama archipelago, as well as Wades Green Cotton plantation dating back to the 18th century, along with many more historical sites. On land, the RED crew advised a must-visit spot is the Conch Shack, which happily represents the national dish’s name with pride! Enjoy cracked conch with music by the traditional “We Funk Junkanoo Band” livening the night experience on Wednesday evenings. Continue the festivities at the Local Fish Fry on Thursdays with local vendor handmade souvenirs and authentic island-style food made with love. For those foodies, RED suggests other hidden gems, such as Mr. Groupers and Crackpot Kitchen Bar & Grill located in the heart of Grace Bay. Here travelers can find local chefs with years of culinary experience looking to enrichen your palettes with unbelievable dishes like Shark Tacos, Conch fritters, and so much more!

As if those details weren’t enough to get you booking your next trip to the Caribbean, maybe these experiences over on St. John USVI will leave you desperately grabbing for that passport! RED tells us the most popular water-based adventure that is not to be missed is the Lime Out Snorkel Sail from the Westin Resort over in St. John where guests sail aboard a 65-foot sailing catamaran built in St. Croix, a sister Virgin Island. This experience includes snorkeling on pristine and protected coral reefs, thrilling water slide fun on the boat, and for the sun-worshippers, there are loungers on board where guests can relax as the boat makes its way to Coral Bay. Once anchored, guests are escorted to Lime Out, the only floating taco bar in the USVI where they can enjoy gourmet tacos and cold libations while the crew takes care of the rest. Upon departure, the downwind sail to the second snorkeling destination allows for views of the southern shore of St. John, which is known to be truly breathtaking.

RED also gave us some tips for those who are looking to explore areas of the island that are not in the water! This land-based adventure is known as the Reef Bay Trail hike where this island is 3/4 U.S. National Park, protected and revered by all as special land. Reef Bay Trail is a 2.5-mile hike (one-way) in the lush, tropical forest and includes identified trees, flora, and fauna. There are two highlights of this specific hike, one being the Petroglyph carvings in rocks by the Taino Indians dating back to 1200-1500AD. The second highlight is the fact that there are two generations of industry on that hillside, first circa 1725 as a sugar plantation and then again in 1855 when a steam engine was introduced and implanted until 1908. Talk about a great adventure and history packed into one thrill-filled day! 

From luxurious catamaran sails, snorkel trips, watersports, private charters, and even diving activities, it is no wonder RED Hospitality and Leisure is the go-to destination company in USVI, Turks and Caicos, and Key West. Visit their site HERE to plan your next dream vacation.